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The OneCipla Credo

Our core values guide every conversation, organisational decision and anchor the actions of our employees. We consistently revisit them and recalibrate strategies to stay ever-relevant to our stakeholders.

Executive Vice-Chairperson's Desk

"Given our growth ambitions within the context of an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, we needed to step back and clearly articulate these First Principles. It tries to capture the essence of what we are and what we seek to be. Understood clearly and institutionalised deeply across the company, it will help us reinforce our OneCipla spirit"

Samina Hamied
Executive Vice-Chairperson

MD & Global CEO's Desk

"Every great company has an enduring purpose. Our purpose, a simple yet powerful premise is Caring for life. We believe that our patients put their healthcare needs in our hands and rely on us for quality & affordable medicines. It is this noble and uplifting purpose that each of us come to work for in Cipla. Directly or indirectly, each of us contribute so meaningfully to making a difference in the lives of people we serve"

Umang Vohra
MD & Global CEO

We are a

  • Purpose - Inspired
  • Responsibility - Centered
  • Innovation - Driven
  • Integrity & Trust - Anchored
  • Excellence - Focused
global pharmaceutical firm that consistently Cares for Life and delivers on its commitment to all our stakeholders- patients, regulators, customers, partners, employees, investors and community.

This is our OneCipla Credo.

We are Purpose-Inspired

Cipla has been built brick-by-brick on the foundation of Care. We are driven by this purpose – a purpose that is 87 years young and it lies at the center of all our thoughts and plans, driving our actions.

In being purpose inspired, we look at actions and solutions that are sustainable and lead to ‘Caring for Life’.

We are Responsibility-Centered

We are accountable for our actions and results —sharing the accolades and shouldering the responsibility. It is imperative for us to ensure that the opportunity for success is given to everyone alike. Ownership and accountability matter the most, with each decision made keeping Cipla’s long-term success in mind and the bigger goal of Caring for Life.

We are Innovation-Driven

We believe that innovation is more radical and transformational than improvement and therefore, is a critical component in leading the organisation towards its goal. Self-induced passion, desire to challenge convention and reinventing the way we do business only takes us one step closer to fulfilling our purpose.

We are Integrity & Trust-Anchored

We do the right thing, the right way – even if no one’s watching. We place our integrity at the core of all our endeavours and take pride in the trust our stakeholders place in us and the trust we place in them.

And this is our OneCipla Credo.

We are Excellence-Focussed

We always aim at setting the gold standard in healthcare and going above and beyond to stay true to “Caring For Life”.

Every progressive step is made with a desire to excel, keeping our own accomplishments and the market’s advancements as the benchmark.